About Us

If you love trendy, funny, statement T shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies  that gets you noticed then you’ll love HENZE FASHION!  Is there something happening in the news or in pop culture that has grabbed the world’s attention? Have you spotted something funny trending on Twitter? We react quickly to the things that we see people around the world shouting about and design funny, T shirts on the topic as quickly as the very next day!

HENZE FASHION  is a t shirts company based in London, United Kingdom. Since 1992 we have been manufacturing T shirts  for the UK high street chain stores and established brands. In 2008 we have decided to build our own label and sell our Tshirts. With HENZE FASHION we decided to start selling our  brillient T-shirts online and have People  all around the World  to have fun, laugh, look good and  feel comfortable with HENZE FASHION T shirts.

Here at  HENZE FASHION  we produce  cool  T shirts, Vests, Tanks Tops, Hoodies and Sweatshirts for both Girls and Boys.Our artists gets their creative insprations  from themes in the news, pop culture, politics, religions, music and of course from the past (our favourites are  the 80s and 90s).

When something happens in your world, we are on the scene to make a t-shirt about it. We're there so quickly, in fact, that you may even be a little suspicious - wait that's already on a t-shirt? Like, did we just happen to be there, or did we know that was going to happen ahead of time? Who knows.

All of the designs you see on HENZE FASHION were made by us or by artists . We're always on the lookout for new designs, so get hold of us if you want to be part of the Team! If you have anything to ask or say about our  T shirts or our website, we would like  to hear from you. Also, if you have any  photos of you and your friends wearing our T shirts, we'd love to see those, too. Send us an e-mail (artwork@henzefashion.com) .

Each item is printing (Yes, we print on demand) and checking by hand before being shipped to you. We love what we do and if there is anything you think we could be doing better please let us know